Pakistan, I guess, has so much internal hatred stacked within, that is more deadly than a nuclear bomb…..enough to weaken it from inside…..and self-destruct!!!

Coping up with emergency for such a long time since last couple of months, the pakistanis have  yet again, started a nation-wide war……The beloved daughter of their nation is DEAD. Benazir Bhutto is DEAD……

Benazir Bhutto was born on June 21, 1953 at Karachi and was the eldest child of Zulfikar Ali Bhutto, who founded the Pakistan People’s Party (PPP).  He was first the president then the prime minister of Pakistan from 1971-1977.  But, was mercilessly executed by General Zia-ul-haq.

She gained her degrees in politics from Harvard and Oxford, came back to Pakistan, inherited the leadership fro PPP and thus, started her life-long battle against the unstable ruling of Pakistan.

She became prime-minister in 1988, was sacked on basis of corruption charges. Gained power agian in 1993 and lasted for just 3 more years before Nawaz Sharif came to power.

Got lost in Dubai later on, when her husband and she were sentenced to 5 years of jail and $8.6 million on charges of taking kick-backs from a Swiss company hired to fight customs fraud.

AND, she came back! Oh, why did she?

It’s said that, everything is pre-determined…..death too. Maybe , it’s the power of death that draws you towards itself. Benazir was drawn too. Drawn, to the country of her birth, to die there as a martyr.

She was lucky once…..when a suicide bomber attacked her rally last month but this time, she wasn’t as lucky…..the 3 sniper bullets made her pay for her good deeds rather than her sins.

Now, what about the impact on the world? What impact on the US of A…..have their plans gone horribly wrong? India is definitely on the edge. Pakistan is on the brink of a civil war. Situation, totally out of control. India will have a high time if the jehadis cross over during the war. India’s security then, will be in danger.

US, definitely doesn’t know how to react. This is what they might have never-calculated. And, although, they have never owned publicly, but they still seem to have a significant role in her return to pakistan (so the experts feel).

Benazir, had once said, “Whether or not the rulers allow me to take part in the elections, I will return home at any cost, not for the reason that i want to become prime minister…. (but because) I owe to the nation to fulfill my pledge I have made to it.”

She is immortal. She returned for her people. Her name is written in this bloody sub-continental history as that of a great leader and motivator.

She fulfilled her pledge, alright….but, it remained incomplete…..

Her restless soul will avenge this hatred. Not for herself, but for her people. Perhaps, one day Pakistan will see beyond dictatorship.

On that day, the nation will be born again and truely a new chapter of India-Pakistan FRIENDSHIP will be written!!!

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