(This is one of those rare poems of mine, which is based on a personal experience.

I remember, someone had once told me to control temper otherwise it will cause more destruction than anyone can imagine. The worst part of life is taking people who care for you, as granted and never thinking about the relationship.

So, when you forget to keep your emotions in check, they just are vented out in the wrong way often destroying the beauty of the relationship that might be very important to you.

Thus begins the poem…..)


Once there were two friends and both of them were near.

Each one thought that the other one was so very dear.

Glad they were that their friendship

Was strong and great.

Glad they were that their love for each other

Was more than any hate.

They realized attachment happened suddenly

in a very short time span.

Together they said, would care for each other

and help whenever they can.

Forever they decided will their friendship remain

and never know a fall.

But even before they knew what happened,

it reached a dead end wall.

Just because of a trouble,

Misunderstandings did creep.

After a brief spell of anger,

One of them did weep.

A single moment of rage

and nothing worthwhile was left.

Lost amidst the egos,

No promises were kept.

Life moved on, all was fine

and their friendship lay forgotten.

Beautiful once the memories were

Which now lay rotten.

It hurt them for some time

but happiness still remained there.

So it hardly mattered

when they didn’t show any care.

Their friend”ship” sank one day

When it rocked on the waves of mistrust.

Their feelings for each other

were soon left to rust.

Thus ended the story of two wonderful friends

Who lost their relationship and never made amends…

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