Understanding people is perhaps the most complex of all arts, being well aware of the fact that sometimes we are not able to understand our own selves.

Many people and most Aquarians may be well-acquainted to this acclamation as any person falling within the limits of the Aquarian sun-sign is as unpredictable as the Indian Weather Bureau, which seems to predict the weather for other countries rather than India for their every forecast seems to be unreliable as any Indian Prime minister’s mind, who has a tough time deciding whether Pakistan is a friend or foe!

Among many such unreliable issues is that of any Indian batsmen batting, which seems to go on fine (in fact, exceptionally fantastic) when batting against strong teams but ridiculously falters against weak ones. As if Tiger Woods is taking his first practice lessons with the bat (instead of the golf club), painfully crashing the hopes of millions of Indian cricket team fans who love to watch the ball being hit, ‘high and far’, instead of ‘low and near’. (Maybe, that’s why Indians have never been able to understand golf!!!)

So, don’t you think it is difficult to understand oneself and others when such unreliability is corrupting  this entire country. These days even I go on interpreting people’s words in the exact opposite way and am surprised as to how I succeed, as, people do tend to change or rationalize their thoughts so often and begin to curse exactly those ideas which once, they themselves regarded as epitomes of truth and maturity.

Ironically, I may be wrong to some extent accusing Aquarians of being unpredictable when, we Taureans nurse our obstinacy as carefully as an injured body part; faithfully stating that ‘stubbornness’  is the most essential virtue conferred by God on mankind and it’s a privilege to have it running through your veins!

But then, we can never have a Caparicornian diplomacy, or a Cancerian smoothness or not even a Piscean confusion…

Our lives have become just like everyday newspapers. As is the 365 days (sometimes 366) of the year repeat themselves over and over again. Just as a sizzling news, situations remain the same; only people involved and the time and place differ. History, does repeat itself!!!

Making way through all these current problems, ‘humor’ may be the only solution to them, now that even ‘prestigious’ people like ‘us’ try to take things as lightly as possible ultimately realizing that, it doesn’t matter whether world changes or not, but there is always going to remain an element of HOPE which will faithfully support our imagination and careless attitude.

Now that I know, surely Life isn’t a bed of roses but then, it isn’t a sea of thorns, either!!!!

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