One fine day, LIFE went to DEATH and said, “I don’t understand, why the hell are you here! You consider yourself some bigshot and act as if you are great. Well, let me tell you, it’s me who is important. Everyone is afraid of you. You never give anyone a chance to live. Sometimes you snatch people when they are very young. You grab their opportunities. You take them away from their loved ones. You make them cry. You give them nothing but sorrow. You are so selfish. So cruel. So insensitive….”

Death smiled and kept quiet. This enraged Life even more and it continued, ” Now, why are you smiling? Look at me. How beautiful I am. I leave smile on everyone’s faces. I teach them to love and to care. They love me back. I am their support. I am the best. You should respect me!!!”

Death shrugged. It knew there was no point in arguing with Life. It knew that Life was being vain. But, Life’s overconfidence had to be kept in check. So, it replied seriously, “Perhaps, you are right. But, that is your point of view. I may be of no importance alone but neither are you. Together we complete this circle of LIFE and DEATH. If there is no Death, there wouldn’t be any Life either. Who would value you, if  I were not there? If there was no fear of dying, then how would have people appreciated living? It’s true, sometimes I take them young and separate them from their loved ones. But, you are no saint either. Many a times, in terminal illness or accident cases, people suffer a lot while living. That time, it is I, who free them from this suffering. I ease their pain and take them to a different dimension. I teach them to make the most of their time. To appreciate the worth of things around them. You tell me, am I unimportant now???”

Life put down it’s head in shame and apologized. Death smiled again and said quietly, “Don’t be sad. It’s not your fault. It’s just that you had got a little over-confident. But, honestly, I don’t think any of us is as important as the human SOUL. You and me are only talking about the physical being. But humans are much beyond that. Their real identity is not their body but their soul. The Soul is immortal. It is ancient. It just goes on moving from dimension to dimension. It endures immense pain but has discovered the secret for eternal happiness. Not me nor you can ever achieve the simplicity and humility of the Soul. It truely supports all human beings and never leaves their side. It gives them Hope….it gives them Faith. In comparison to it, we are nothing. Just two small stages in the long journey of spiritual attainment. Once, human beings get past by us, our value gets automatically reduced. Soul is invaluable. It is the Soul who will fuel their journey. It is the Soul who will help them achieve Salvation. It is Soul who will ultimately lead them to the realm of the Almighty. You know what, me and you, we are just mortals…………..”

Together, Life and Death decided that day, never to get proud of their achievements. Just serve their purpose and learn from the Soul, what it means to be powerful yet humble!!!

One thought on “A STORY

  1. hi.. stumbled upon yr blog. This post is very touching and imparts a good dose of learning. It’s true that if there is no death, life would be meaningless as we wud take everything for granted.

    regards And a Very Happy New Year.

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