As soon as we begin the day, there are so many problems with which we have to deal.

Some are minor, others can be horrific and the worst of them all is that of CHILD ABUSE.

“Child Abuse can be defined as causing or permitting any harmful or offensive contact on a child’s body and; any communication or transaction of any kind which humiliates or frightens the child.”

There are many types of child abuse, Emotional abuse, Neglect, Physical abuse, Sexual abuse….

Children are forced into prostitution or are used in porn rackets.

All of them are derogatory and shameful acts.

Surprisingly most of the child abuse cases happen at homes. Most of them are performed by parents, relatives or persons that the child knows. Even, a large number of cases involve organizations such as schools, child-care institutes, etc..

The after-effects of child abuse are equally negative. They spoil a kid’s childhood but also haunt him/her throughout the adult life. The child can suffer from low self-esteem, depression, cognitive disability, aggressive behavior, suicidal tendency etc…

Many of us might wonder what are the causes of child abuse. In many cases, the molester himself might have been a victim of child abuse or perhaps he might be suffering from some psychological disorder. IN case of neglect, stress can be a driving force behind this kind of emotional child abuse.

Whatever the reasons be, they do not justify this humiliating act. The pain and trauma of a child sexually abused is something which no person of a clear conscience can tolerate. It is essential to put and end to this kind of maltreatments.

AWARENESS among people can be the first thing to combat this. Parent education classes, family support programs can be undertaken both on a small scale and large scale basis.

However, the sad part is many a times, family members themselves are responsible for committing such atrocities on their own child. Court intervention in such cases becomes absolutely necessary.

According to an UNICEF report, countries like the US and UK ranked lowest among the rich nations with respect to the well being of their children.

In India too, a shocking 53% of the children are subjected to sexual abuse but then, most of the cases are never reported. Every second child is emotionally abused and in 83% of cases parents are the abusers.

While in the West, there are strict laws and lots of NGOs working with such cases, child abuse is being dealt with. However, in India, laws dealing with sexual offenses do not recognize child abuse. It’s sad but true that the Indian Penal code 1860 has no sections dealing with child sexual abuse. It only addresses rape and sodomy out of which rape is not specifically given as it does not include abuse on “boys”.

Ever imagined, how a child dealing with this is living……..ever imagined, the reason behind those meek eyes and unshed tears….ever imagined, the silent plea for help….

As good Samaritans, it’s our duty to prevent such forms of abuse and spread awareness. The “International Day for Child Rights” is on November 19th. Merely observing it will serve no purpose!

If you come across such in-human acts, do not hesitate to report to your nearest child care center. Who knows, you might be saving some kid’s life from the clutches of such gruesome treatment.

Atleast, you can volunteer around NGOs working for abused children and help the kids to fight off the trauma and depression.

“Let kids be kids.

Lets not take their childhood away.

Lets provide them with a safe and secure future.

Lets wipe their tears and leave smiles on their faces….”



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