If being close means being far away from you forever, then I would prefer to stay that way. It doesn’t matter whether we meet again but one thing I cannot bear is loving you less than what I do now.

There are plenty of reasons to be attached to you but not even one of them makes sense. Perhaps, that’s the most beautiful thing about it. Do you care if there is a tomorrow? Are you not happy with this today? How do relationships survive over years and years? Somebody should ask “us” that. Who could give a better example?

Now that you believe me, shall I ask more? Does it really matter to you what people say? They have always said, all those bad things still, you take it seriously and continue to brood about it! At this very moment someone might be criticizing you, but it doesn’t matter because you don’t hear. Then why do you think about things that from strangers you overhear???

I say, I love you. And I hope this means much more to you than the nasty things that others say.

So, don’t be sad. I am here and I shall always be so.

You might not write back to me. But, I already know your reply. Just don’t read these words. Know the meaning I have for you here.

Stay happy!


One thought on “A LETTER AGAIN

  1. Give other people
    What they can not buy
    In the market place.
    Give them love ,
    A listening ear,
    Sincere praise.
    Most of all give then smile.!

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