I wonder at times whether I can be someone else

And not what I am today

Would people have a problem?

Or will I be loved in the same way?

I can be better than what I am

Or I can be worse than this

I can grab opportunities

And let plenty of them miss

I can take life less seriously

And enjoy more and more

I won’t bother about tomorrow

Or keep yesterday’s score

Shall I be someone ordinary

Or someone great

I can even hurry through life

Or prefer to wait

I can keep on thinking

And there won’t be any conclusion

If I don’t love myself as I am

I won’t reach a decision

I hope I’ll be accepted

Whatever I actually be

’cause I know what I truly want

Is to really be ME !!!

One thought on “ME

  1. वाहत्या पन्यापेक्षा झिरपनार पानी स्वच्छा असत उगीच आवसान आणून फुलू नकोस निखल सौदर्य महत्वाच असत!!!
    with regds,

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