The sky was clear and the clouds moved on-

The leaves rustled softly and broke into a silent song.

All was quiet as quiet can be,

Pleasant surroundings with joy and glee.

Until came the night of ignorance…

Which hid all the happiness of the moment to see.

Good values were buried upon.

Evil happenings rose with the dawn.

Life was impossible with all that was there.

Nobody knew, all happiness is where.

But the power of patience and love that God gave Man-

Helped to reduce this unhappy span.

He stood on his feet and fought all the way.

He drove all the sorrows across the bay.

And that’s why Man has become different from all-

With one ‘word’ that can keep alive the dead and the frail!

Which gives everyone a chance to prove their worth,

And on which the entire world stands upon,

This little word of extreme power is “FAITH”

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