World has indeed come closer…lot closer. Whenever we want to write to someone, we can send an email (which is many a times faster than a letter)…. whenever we want to talk to someone, we can phone (and be glad to hear that person’s voice).

It’s only when you want to MEET someone then we realize the distance….

Distances only matter on paper, they establish themselves as the land gets divided, oceans culminate into barriers….

There is just one great sky stretched across that we all see, one sun, one moon. The same clouds and the same stars.

Where is the question of being far and near?

Far and near are the concepts of our own mind, creations of our own imagination.

So strange are these concepts that, many a times, people staying in our own homes appear distant while people living thousands of miles away from us are closer to our hearts than our own selves.

BUT, our relationships, this nature, everything is universal…..

Someday even these “land distances” will vanish AND maybe at that point humanity will begin it’s spiritual venture…..

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