“Guilt” is a strange word. It makes you do weird things. Punishes you in cruel ways and makes you suffer like hell when inflicted by the person you love the most!

People do crazy things. People do impulsive things. People do wrong things. But, people also repent! Repent with sincerity. Repent with grace. But, what’s the use if the person opposite to you cannot accept your SORRY gracefully?

If a person really cares for you, then he should do so “despite” this and not “inspite” this.

You should never let your guilt dominate you. Never let it eat you up from the inside, especially when you have already regretted your mistakes.

Everyone has a right to commit mistakes, sometimes even deliberately.

True wisdom comes when you realize your faults, make a conscious effort to repair them AND at the same time accept people as they are. Forgive them and most importantly NEVER use their guilt as a WEAPON against them. If they love you, they will agree to surrender to your dominance once or twice or maybe even thrice but not for long. At some point of time, they will just stop responding. And before you know, what’s happening, they might have gone far far away from you with no hope of returning!

Guilt can be your best friend if you learn to teach yourself the potential of your mistakes. While on the other hand it can also be your worst enemy if you let it dictate your life “or” make other lives miserable with it!!!

Whatever the situation, CHOOSE WELL.

After all, you get just ONE CHANCE to make everything right…….


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