Surprised to see me writing to you? Sometimes, I guess, the best way to express your feelings is to write them out. You might meet a person everyday and there might be so much in your mind to say but it’s difficult to express feelings that way. A letter’s the best thing to make someone’s day.

I want to tell you, things are the same. Do you believe me? I guess not. I want to tell you, that love doesn’t change over years. It just grows.That Life is short but sometimes so satisfying that Death is a welcome guest. That friendship breaks over the tiniest of misunderstanding yet can survive the ordeal of a full-fledged war. That some people live with us all our lives but never give us memories while some people are there for just some time yet create memories that last a life time. That all things in life are just a passing phase yet some relations can stretch over generations and distances. That purity of heart is the greatest treasure a man can have and honesty, the strongest weapon. That one day, I’ll grow up and get detached from you but still be connected with as your own. That I’ll be independent enough to move away yet never let you down. That all this is true yet un-believable. Perhaps, you won’t understand or perhaps I am a bad letter writer.

Can you give a reply?

Maybe you won’t. Because, maybe you can’t.

Still, love you as much as I ever could.



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