“CULTURE”, OMG, What’s That???


You might know INDIA. It’s a small country in South-East Asia flanked by water on three sides and land on the fourth. Surrounded by over-friendly neighbors like Pakistan and China. Wow, now that’s what you call a “country”.

If you consider the size, India is really small but there are million such “Indias” all over the world. Be it any powerful country, any G8 nation, there is India residing in some part or the other.

The west today, has started acknowledging India’s presence as a powerful country. The west is fascinated by the vast cultural diversity and the ethnicity. It is running towards the east, to India, taken in by it’s strange yet interesting rituals and that spiritual touch.


What are we doing as “Indians”??? Can we say sincerely, with a hand on our hearts that we are protecting our culture? Are we? Ask yourself.

Immigrants all over the world are proud to be associated with this country. Wherever they are, they celebrate all the festivals with pomp and splendor. Their kids might be born there but still they teach them all about India and it’s culture, it’s religion, it’s growth as a powerful yet humble country.

They, there, far far away, are trying to protect and enhance a culture that is dwindling here in India itself.

We are so hell-bent on being westernized that we have sold our morales and have become slaves of globalization. We forget, that the grass is always greener on the other side. We criticize what we have and appreciate things that don’t suit our mentality and up-bringing. All we crave for is, social status and don’t look beyond money and prestige.

Indian rituals to us, seem stupid and a burden our fore-fathers gave us as inheritance. Our music is no longer classical…. it’s more rock and rap. Our heroes are not the one who gave us freedom, they are the ones who run half-naked around the world.

Where is the “Indian-ness” in India???

Still, there is a great TRUTH…..

How much ever, we try to model ourselves in the western mold, we cannot over-look the fact that our roots are still Indian. Our brains are earning capital for a different country but our hearts are still connected to this mysterious nation.

Next time, you may say CULTURE, OH MY GOD, WHAT’S THAT?

And be ashamed of your Indian roots.

But remember,



One thought on ““CULTURE”, OMG, What’s That???

  1. it’s true that we are undergoing a lot of changes in our culture. we seem to epitomize the western culture and hv been inculcating it in our daily lifestyle… even the media which is the greatest transformer of human minds has been looking to the western culture… but our culture is taking a sound beating..

    We may never lose our identity as Indian’s but that doesn’t mean that our culture will survive… it will remain in books and only in the minds of those eager learners… it will slowly become an endangered culture…

    A friend of my had visited Pakistan a few months ago…Her client asked her.. tell me something about the Bhagvad Gita..she had nothing to say just shamefully shake her heads… but there in Pakistan, reading the Koran is a must…
    Sometimes one has to force things on others for a certain good cause..

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