On my 21st birthday, I was planning for something special. I thought I should do something that will contribute to the community. I cannot be 21 and do nothing yet for the mankind. There are people who start young in life and scale new heights so early. At least all of us can try to be special.

When I was 8, I had an utmost desire to pledge my eyes. But I was too small then.

This time, I fulfilled my desire. A desire that was waiting eagerly for 13 long years, in some corner of my heart, to be noticed.

I pledged my eyes. So, that after my death, someone will get a new life…..a new vision…..a new direction.

Life is too short guys, do something that will compel people to know you even after you go away.

Pledge your eyes. It’s not at all a long procedure.

You’ll die but still continue to live in someone’s sight, someone’s prayers and someone’s dreams.

The following poem is an ode to the most important organ of the human body…..

The eyes can do, what the mind doesn’t

They can show the feeling, the word doesn’t

The love, the hatred, the mixed emotions

The laughter, the mirth, spreads through the face

The eyes have it, what the heart doesn’t

They seek and see the truth always

They can never hide

They pierce through you and look deep within

They are mirrors to the soul

Look into someone’s eyes

What do you see?

You can guess the actual personality

What the eyes have, no other sense doesn’t

The eyes have it!


Sentiments drenched in pure sacred truthfulness….

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