(Sometime ago, this poem of mine got published on the internet. It’s one of best and favourite ones. It’s still available on various sites.You can check it out there.


Relationships always thrive-

On love and trust worthwhile.

People only come and go.

And leave behind lonely smiles.

They live again in memories.

In cloud and sunshine

and beautiful trees.

They help you along, rough pathways.

And double your happiness on sunny days.

They only choose to disappear,

But they are in your every smile and your every tear!

You can feel them, if you learn to trust,

For understanding them-

“belief” is must!

One day, you’ll realize;

Life is a paradise!

No one’s gone, No one dies.

Don’t think much,

just visualize….

Someone too, for you, might be there.

Someone may always seem to care.

I am so happy,

To look at life;

from a perfectly different angle.

I am always cared for

and looked after,

’cause I have my own

“Guardian Angel!”

One thought on “MY GUARDIAN ANGEL

  1. candy is sweet,
    but sometimes it tastes bitter,
    though I swallowed it,
    the taste lingers long in my mind.
    so I chew a gum,
    to remove the stains.
    but now it tasteless.
    therefor, i put the candy back into my mouth

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