This “C” is NOT COOL


Have you ever seen a crab on the seashore. You’ll get amazed with the intensity with which it binds itself to what it holds dear. If you try catching it, it will use it’s claws as self-defence and hurt you so much that you start bleeding. And next time, you know you won’t cross it’s path.

Now it’s so easy in terms of this reptile. But can you say the same about the disease???

Some people spend a lifetime in smoking, drinking and indulging in all sorts of things they shouldn’t be doing often BUT STILL live a long and satisfying life.

And there are people who think good, act good and live good BUT STILL suffer beyond imagination.

CANCER, it’s such an unpredictable disease. It can strike anyone, anytime. Just when you feel that your life is perfect, your world may come crashing down with a single diagnosis.

The pain of the disease and the un-tolerable side effects of Chemotherapy and Radiation can leave a person both physically and mentally tired. In severe cases, the prediction that your life can end within 3-6 month, itself is so scary that a person may die of this idea itself.

Have you ever known how it feels when you see a person you love suffering and there’s nothing you can do about it…. Ever experienced the crippling sensation you can have to see the one’s you love die in front of you and you are helpless about it.

Cancer kills not only the person but also the family.

Anybody who hasn’t gone through the suffering will never know what it really is.

What can YOU do?

If you are diagnosed with cancer tomorrow,what will your reaction be? You might have been a very courageous person all your life but the idea of death is known to put fear in the hearts of even the mightiest ones.

And if some near and dear one is in that place? The realization of someone going from your life forever can be so terrifying.

The only thing that remains in our hands is to, ACCEPT THE REALITY.

If you are a religious person, you can have faith in God and pray for giving you the strength to cope up with the tragedy.

Even if you are not a religious person, you can learn from life. Learn how things just happen and all you can do is accept them as they are and play your part. Grieve because the situation demands and in the end be happy because that’s how you should be.

In the end, happiness does conquer over sorrow but what to do? This “C” is NOT COOL.

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