All those who have studied statistics at school or college know what it is all about. There is probability, variance, deviation and also errors.

BUT, did you know it applies to LIFE as well.

Ever come across people whom you instantly bind with without prior acquaintance. Slowly and surely someone creeps in your life and you are not even aware of it.

Is it just a random statistical event or was it meant to be so???

One life gets connected and things are never the same again. How many reasons will you find to justify these unknown things. Extra-ordinary events that forever change the face of reality.

Statistics then conncets up. The PROBABILITY of happening, the VARIANCE from normal life, the DEVIATION from everyday reality and the ERRORS of the past.

Tomorrow if you find someone whom you don’t know at all but still get connected to, then perhaps this may be a random statistical event OR on second thoughts, does something spiritual explains this???

No one can answer….

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