In a biazzare turn of events, it has been declared that Virender Sehwag has replaced Rahul Dravid in the ODI squad for the first two one dayers against Pakistan.

Dravid has been out of form in two successive series but one cannot ignore his talent and mettle as a great batsman. Though he was a poor capatain but still as a player has been one of the best that India has produced. And, to drop him out of the team because of a sudden bad patch is a very shameless thing to do.

What’s even more funny is that to give a chance to a player like “Sehwag” who has been consistently out-of-form. Ever since he has been dubbed as the successor of Savhin Tendulkar, he has taken every effort to prove that it is not so (LOL).

With just an unbeaten 75 in the challenger trophy, he has nothing else to defend about. His role in twenty20 world cup was certainly not something to praise about. Anybody could have played the part. Now, don’t forget we are playing against Pakistan. It’s not going to be easy and Pak does have a strong bowling side which can prove difficult to tackle.

Chairman of the selection committee, Dilip Vengsarkar’s comments about both Dravid and Sehwag have certainly been lame. He stated that, “We decided to give him a break. He’s a great player and he will be back soon.” Now, that is a very stupid excuse. I think fans, do understand the difference between “rested” and “dropped”.

About Sehwag, he stated, “He has been among runs recently and even today he showed he was in good form”

Hellooooooooooo. I think Mr. Vengsarkar doesn’t watch cricket much these days. Since when, did Sehwag was in form? I think he has played a good match after an eternity. A so-called fiery 75 and that to against Indian bowlers.

Though I am not so great fan of Rahul Dravid but someone has to raise voice against injustice. He is a better player than Virender Sehwag.

Oh, we’ll get along in the one dayer’s I guess. But, one cannot ignore Dravid’s contribution to test cricket.

SO, is it really CRICKET or mere POLITICS?

Mr.Vengsarkar, I hope you are listening to fans pleas. Perhaps some day you’ll understand, that A GREAT PLAYER NEED NOT BE A GREAT SELECTOR.

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